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Talent Booking With the exceptional personal connections we have within the entertainment industry, The Sibley Firm is known for our ability to secure high-profile talent for events, showcases, venue openings or any other event. From hosts to live music performances, we can handle all talent at your event and make all necessary arrangements to grant your brand the best possible level of exposure.


Event Planning With years of combined experience planning any and every type of event,  The Sibley Firm team is an asset when it comes to event planning and execution. Capable of everything from pre-planning to day-of execution and post-event follow up, The Sibley Firm accompanies clients every step of the way to ensure that all press, logistics, and attendance (if need be) are handled accordingly to make for flawless events.

Entertainment Marketing - When getting consumers to relate to brands on a global scale, we run into one of our most interesting challenges of all: trying to find actors that aren’t acting. With nearly 10 combined years of expertise managing Hollywood relationships, The Sibley Firm is skilled at navigating the integration of celebrities with brands and issues. We understand the challenge of finding celebrities that resonate with your cause or issue in an authentic and credible way. We also excel at maximizing exposure by developing the most impactful program, while capitalizing on the celebrity’s brand and network.



  • Spokesperson Identification and Negotiation

  • Program Development

  • Celebrity Events

  • Media Relations

  • Content Integration

  • Risk Management and Mitigation 

Public Relations - The Sibley Firm, our Company is able to offer you a full-service campaign at a cost that fits your company’s budget. We will work with you to design an affordable plan to benefit your current company marketing plans. What sets us apart from other public relations firms companies is the use of non-traditional publicity campaigns. We work until the job is done and we tirelessly campaign for your visibility in the press. In addition to our marketing know-how, The Sibley Firm has relationships with contacts in a plethora of media types including short and long lead print, broadcast, online, and new media, and understands how to uniquely position brands in a way that garners attention from these individuals.

The Sibley Firm has direct celebrity and tastemaker relationships, distinctive sponsorship opportunities, promotions in the form of unique mailings, one-of-a-kind special events, and strategic product placement tactics from the essence of our PR support.

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